Plainfield Fire Protection District

Carlson’s long relationship with the Plainfield Fire Protection District (PFPD) began when it was first chosen as the construction manager at risk for the district’s new station #3.  This facility is a 14,200 square foot full-service fire station including slightly more than 7,000 square feet of administrative offices, kitchen and dining spaces, common space, living/sleeping quarters, classrooms, and a conference room.

Upon the successful completion of Station #3, Carlson was selected to work with the District’s Board to complete additional projects including three additional stations, a 12,000 square foot vehicle maintenance facility, training tower and a 33,000 square foot administration/training center.

The administration center and maintenance facilities include structural steel frames, reinforced concrete foundation system, reinforced concrete floor, utility installations, enhanced  storm water detention and filtration system, native plantings and drought resistant landscaping, installation of complex communication, IT, fire protection and alarm systems to serve this fire protection district’s headquarters facility.