Orland Park Fire Protection District

Carlson was selected to provide construction management at risk services for the construction of the two-story, 10,600sqft command training facility for the Orland Fire Protection District.  The facility includes large-scale training rooms, underwater dive training facilities; virtual command center simulation, burn rooms, confined spaces, and large open bay areas provided simulated training for all aspects of emergency situations.  The design created drive-through capabilities for the open bay areas that allowed for the ease of equipment staging, as well as the transformation to a relief operational fire station as a contingency for a catastrophic events at one of the other district facilities.

The command training center was constructed within the existing training and maintenance campus of the Orland Fire Protection District.  This was particularly challenging as maintaining controlled access to the site and site security at all times was a critical aspect of the project.  Contractor trade parking and material staging were exceptionally limited and required daily coordination with the facility director.  To achieve this, all work related to the structure was completed from the inside out, with all material being staged and set from a crane within the inside of the building.  Offsite parking was established for construction personnel, and material was delivered to the project site on an “as needed” basis from local warehouses and distribution points.