Multiple Walmarts

Over the last six years, Carlson has completed over 50 projects for Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. in 13 states. The projects have ranged from the construction of new 185,000 square foot retail Super Centers, full-scale retrofitting and pavement reconstructions of distribution centers, four wall expansions of operational Super Centers and complete remodeling of existing stores.

Carlson has also completed many task order type contracts for Wal-Mart including traffic signals, utility construction, infrastructure replacement, wetland restoration, erosion control, environmental remediation, as well as numerous small and large projects required for the operations of the company. These projects have ranged in value from $20,000-$3,000,000 and have generally been completed on a fast-track scheduling process to address an imminent or emergency need. In the last two years Carlson has completed pavement reconstruction at nine distribution centers totaling over 50,000 tons of asphalt and 14,000 cubic yards of concrete while minimizing the disruptions to any of the operations of the 24/7 facilities.