Whiteman AFB - MLA/MUA

Security Control Facility, WSA

Job Description

Carlson was selected to provide design/build construction services for the new LEED silver certified Security Control Facility for the WSA at Whiteman Air Force Base.  This is a very unique base as it is the only home of the B-2 (Stealth) Bombers around the globe. The facility provides a base of operations for the team that provides security for the nuclear, chemical and MOPS weapon systems utilized on the B-2.

The poured in place concrete structure was designed to withstand the blast of a nuclear weapon as well as provide safety for those working within the building.  There are numerous unique features including the entire structure is covered with a four foot layer of earth materials with only an exposed defensive manned fighting position with gun ports to be utilized in a security breach situation.  Project site work included a geothermal HVAC system, expansive communication systems, sanitary sewer lift station, wet and dry utility systems and road infrastructure improvement.